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The Ultimate Organizer

by Barbara Guggenheim and Nadine Schiff

We created The Ultimate Organizer for everything that could go wrong and does. Our rather compulsive checklists  (over 200 of them) may help remind you what you need at the market without wandering the aisles, and what you need to clean your house before your mother gets there and checks for dust.

We’ve even included suggestions as to what to have on hand the next time a guest spills a glass of red wine on your white carpet.

Note to self: Buy a case of soda water, and consider not inviting the perpetrator back.

In fact our system as we like to call it is divided into two sections. The first one is designed to keep all of the hundreds of numbers in your life (your medical insurance, credit car numbers, your gym locker) for you and everyone you care for IN ONE PLACE. Hello?  The second section is over two hundred lists for every aspect of your daily life so you never have to repeat the same task twice. For example, if you have a houseguest coming to visit, don’t fret. Just take out our What To Keep in Your Guest Bathroom list and check it off so you won’t ever miss a thing.

We even tell you what to should a natural disaster strike. Is your son in college bringing his first girlfriend home for the weekend considered a natural disaster? We think so.

Here’s our best advice. Review our checklists in the workbook and the CD. We’re certain you too will discover home is where the heart is without the heart attack.  Knocking back a cold one works too. What, you’re out??? Here’s our checklist for The Well Stocked Bar so that never happens again.

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Copyright © 2010 Barbara Guggenheim and Nadine Schiff.

Barbara Guggenheim is a Ph.D. Art Advisor and a partner in Guggenheim, Asher Associates. Nadine Schiff is a writer/producer who tries everyday to get organized.

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