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The Ultimate Organizer: Organizing Your Car And Garage

Forget James Bond. Whether we’re commuting, carpooling, or escaping the kids and life’s chaos by driving to the mall, our car is our second home. Unfortunately, there are times when life doesn’t go as planned. You run out of gas. Your car overheats. And there are things that go bump in the night (or day), and you get a flat tire. That’s when you need to get your hands on your registration card, automobile club and insurance number, pronto.

The Ultimate Organizer For The Garage

We tell you what you need to keep in your glove compartment, including coins for the meter and the papers to show the police and other motorists in the event you get pulled over for making an illegal turn or into a fender bender. You know we’re on your side, and we’ll tell you right now, we’re sure it wasn’t your fault. We just feel it.

When it comes to maintaining our vehicles, neither one of us is a brain trust. And a moment of silence here while our husbands pause for a brief smirk and an eye roll. And okay, we’re supposed to change the oil? How often? And when do you check your brakes? We’d probably let it go until we roll down a hill into a parked car. Even self-service is touch and go, since neither one of us can barely remember how our gas tank opens.

Our intent? Just put your foot down on the accelerator, and from now on, it’s smooth sailing.

Preview the Ultimate Organizer. Download a sample of the Car and Garage forms. Click Here.

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