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The Ultimate Organizer: Travel Organization

Nadine’s husband, Fred, is like a general when it comes to organizing the family for a trip. Planning a vacation to the Bahamas, he drove everyone crazy making sure their passports were up-to-date and accessible. He even made copies so that if they were lost or stolen, he’d be ready. When the family got to Miami, ready to board the plane to the island, they all dutifully showed their passports, except Fred. He’d left his at home in the copy machine. Because he had “pull” and an advance copy of this book, he followed our advice and had his travel agency’s 24-hour hotline number with him. They got the passport from a neighbor who had Fred’s key and sent it overnight to Miami. He didn’t lose a night’s sleep and joined the family only twelve hours later.

The Ultimate Organizer - Travel

For those of us who travel a lot for business, you’d think we’d make fewer mistakes. Not. We’ve seen even the most seasoned travelers re-invent the wheel and make he same lists over and over. We’ve provided once-and-for-all lists of what you’ll want to take in your carry-on (an extra pair of underwear in case your luggage gets lost or stolen), your purse, briefcase, and what things live in your suitcase at all times (a folding umbrella, sewing kit, and extra collar stays). Change or add, but you’ll save time, and you won’t spend precious time shopping for the toothpaste you forgot to pack.

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