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The Ultimate Organizer: Pets

It’s just our little secret. And we’re not entirely proud of ourselves. But when it comes to our dogs, we admit we’d take them over our husbands and children any day of the week. Leaving them when we go to work or on a trip is such sweet sorrow; we want whoever we have left in charge of our pooches to memorize the rule book. Cold. Especially when you have a puppy, like Nadine’s Benny, who barks when he first sees a stranger and then, as soon as they pet him, invites them up to see the jewelry. That would be a NO.


And particularly if you’re traveling, no matter whether you have a dog, cat, or snake, it’s important to have the emergency numbers front and center for the vet and animal hospital. You also need our checklist to make sure your pet sitter has every pet supply (and instructions) needed to keep the little critters well fed and comfortable. The special chicken treats, an extra red rubber ball… Benny’s not so sure about the green one. Did we mention he will only sleep in the gray bed if it’s in the den? Not the bedroom. And that little darling gets earaches, so if he shakes his head a lot, Nadine wants him to get two drops of the medicine every night, please.

A pet sitter also needs your travel itinerary when you’re away. Not to make us all seem pathetic, but our dogs have been known to call us just to let us know they ate their kibble. Just fill out your itinerary and attach it to the refrigerator with your pet’s favorite magnet. Not so high, please, so he doesn’t have to jump up to read it.

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