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The Ultimate Organizer For Moms & Dads: Children

Frankly, we think children should come with their own manual. But they don’t. So we’ve been making one up as we go along. First, go through these forms and fill out the all-important, life-saving emergency numbers for your children. Then get a babysitter so you can have a fun night out that will save your life.

The Ultimate Organizer - Children

As children grow and change, the checklists do too. That’s why our lists range from what you need to stuff in a toddler bag to get to a Mommy and Me class (you might take along a change of clothes for the after-juice spills all over your shirt) to a car pool phone list. Anything to avoid having to go out to your curb in the snow wearing boots and a robe (such an attractive look) to explain to the parent driving that day that your child’s staying home sick.

Does your child play sports? Between team practices and games, it’s hard remembering which sport – never mind when it’s your turn to bring the Gatorade. What’s up with the color of that stuff, anyway? we have forms that will solve your scheduling problems forever – unless the top comes off the Gatorade. Then you’re on your own.

Most of us get annual calls from our mothers-in-law, year after year, asking the kids’ sizes so they can buy them Christmas outfits they’ll likely never wear. No problem. With The Ultimate Organizer, you can email or send a list along in a minute flat. Or, if your child is going back to school, we’ve given you a list of things they need. No anxiety attack required. Of course, they’ll push you to buy the MUST-HAVE lime-colored tape dispenser. Our suggestion? Barter that for a clean bedroom.

WE so get how little time you have, we’ve even created form letters to use to tell the school why wour child needs to leave school early, stay home, or to give permission to go on a field trip. Why recreate the wheel time and time again?

Here’s the deal we’ll make with you. You concentrate on the hugs, kisses, and temper tantrums. Leave the confusing schedules, work, and vital information to us. Suddenly you’ll feel that your kids really did come with a manual. Sort of.

Preview the Ultimate Organizer. Download a sample of the Children forms. Click Here.

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