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Women want it all. But who knew that having the big life – the corner office, the cool home, the cute husband, and the whirling dervish kids would take as much organizational skill as running a Fortune 500 Company? And for free! Desperate to efficiently manage their lives, two successful women, Barbara Guggenheim and Nadine Schiff set out to make sure that the Ultimate Organizer would control the chaos of their lives and put themselves back on their own to do lists.The Ultimate Organizer

The Ultimate Organizer is the resource that allows you to store every phone number, checklist, and piece of information in ONE PLACE. So much more than a daily planner, the Ultimate Organizer includes a workbook with more than 250 pages and CD-Rom filled with additional editable checklists for every area of your life: cars, pets, kids, finances, beauty, you name it.

The Ultimate Organizer by Babara Guggenheim & Nadine SchiffThe Ultimate Organizer by Barbara Guggenheim & Nadine Schiff

This sassy and practical tool will leave you running your life instead of your life running you. Welcome to organizational bliss!

The Ultimate Organizer lets you keep Tabs on every area of your life.

The Ultimate Organizer’s 20 Tabs.

Get started by making a list of your Emergency Contact Numbers. Preview the Ultimate Organizer. Download a sample form! Click Here.

What to do in a fender-bender: A real life example.

“I had to write you to tell you how helpful The Ultimate Organizer has been for me!

A woman crossed over into my lane, running into the side of my car a few weeks ago and I was frazzled. No one was hurt, but there was damage to my car. When I pulled over, I remembered I had in my glove compartment a copy of your What to Do in a Fender Bender sheet. I pulled it out right away and together, she and I went through the entire list, point by point, to ensure we had each other’s information. The woman was so impressed by the list — as was I!

It makes getting into an accident a much less stressful experience.”

– Rebecca: User of The Ultimate Organizer.